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Can I Get A Security Guard License With A Criminal Record?

How to get your Security Guard License if you have a Criminal Record

Do I have to inform the Ministry about my criminal record on my security license application?

Yes. It’s best to be honest on the application because they will find out. A background check is a part of the Security Guard License application process.

Can I be a Security Guard with a Criminal Record?

The answer is it depends. Though the Ministry of the Solicitor General’s guidelines clearly state to apply for a security guard license you must have a clean criminal record, you may wonder what that includes. If you’ve committed a crime in the past and your record has been wiped clean then you may still be eligible. It depends on the nature of the offence committed and whether or not you pass the background check that the ministry will perform as part of the Security Guard License application process. To find out if your criminal record will prevent you from becoming a security guard read on.

What criminal offenses will prevent me from obtaining my security guard license?

Regulations set out by the  Ministry of the Solicitor General, and the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 list the criminal acts which will prevent you from obtaining your security guard license. There are over 80 different offences that prevent you from getting a licence, unless you receive a pardon. These are referred to as prescribed offenses and the complete list can be found on the Ontario Ministry site.

Some of the prescribed criminal offenses that will prevent you from becoming a security guard include:

  • Fraud over $5000
  • Theft over $5000
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Passport Forgery
  • Arson
  • Involvement with a Criminal Organization
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Murder

How do I clear my criminal record?

To clear your criminal record and become eligible for a security license you must receive a pardon. Click here for information on how to receive a pardon, and if your offense is eligible or contact Parole Canada.  

Are there any offenses which are not eligible for record suspension or a pardon?

Under no circumstances are you eligible for record suspension if you committed:

  • A Schedule 1 Offence (offence involving a child) under the Criminal Records Act
  • More than three (3) offences prosecuted by indictment, each with a prison sentence of two (2) years or more.

How often do I need a criminal record check once I obtain my security guard license?

According to the Ministry of Solicitor General , a criminal record check will be performed when you apply for a new licence and every time you renew your licence after that. 

What if I was convicted of an offense after I applied for a security guard license?

If you are convicted of a prescribed offence (see above) you must update your criminal record information online or complete a Change of Information form within 5 days of the conviction. Unless you receive a pardon or record suspension, your license will be revoked until your record is cleared, at which time you can reapply. 

Once I get my security license, under what circumstances can my security license be revoked?

As outlined by the Ministry, the Registrar can suspend or revoke a licence due to:

Can I become a security guard if I have a DUI?

Having a DUI is not listed as one of the offences that will prevent you from getting your license. As long as you pass the background check and fulfill the other requirements (taking a ministry approved security guard course, passing the Ontario security guard license exam) and are approved for your Ontario security guard licence you can work in the security field.

If you are eligible to get your security guard license don’t forget to sign up for your security guard training course today!