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Scarborough Security Guard License

How to Become a Security Guard in Scarborough

To be a security guard in Scarborough, Ontario, you must pass the Ontario Security Guard Licence exam. What you can and cannot do while on duty is strictly regulated — that’s why you need to be trained by experts. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) has also outlined a syllabus to prepare Ontario’s security guards of tomorrow.

As a security guard, you will mostly deal with calm and reasonable people on a daily basis. However, not everyone you encounter is going to be friendly. Scarborough is a diverse community with a population over 600,000 which means you must be prepared for many challenges in an urban environment. There are several condominiums that each present their own unique security challenges according their location. There is also the Scarborough Town Centre, the largest mall on the east end of Toronto. There are plenty of opportunities to become a security guard in Scarborough — all you need is the right training and your certification.

Why Choose Us?

You won’t find a better exam preparation than our online Security Guard Course. Our lessons will teach you the essential skills and knowledge to pass your exam and prepare you for a rewarding career. We’ve also made sure that every detail of the Ministry-approved curriculum is included along with practical exercises you can do at home.

We make it easy to take your courses online anywhere, anytime! Students have access to the 33.5 hour course for as long as required. Once you’re done, you can b00k your exam date at the nearest location with the Training Completion Number (TCN) that we issue you.

Use of Force

You can also take our Use of Force in-class course to pair with your security guard training to become even more prepared. Our course will train you on how to use force and the legal limitations when confronting an individual. Pairing a use of force certification with your Ontario Security Guard Licence will show your potential employers that you take your duties seriously.

We also offer an in-depth Ontario Private Investigator Training course. Both courses can be taken to receive a dual licence. Even if you don’t intend on ever being a private investigator, our private investigator training will teach you legal and practical information that will make you a well-rounded security professional.

We’re Scarborough’s top provider of online security guard training. To start on your path to becoming a security professional in Ontario, sign up for your security guard course today!