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Mississauga Security Guard Training

Need Security Guard Training in Mississauga?

Private Security Guard Agencies are hiring residential condominium security guards, mobile patrol guards, high profile security guards and commercial security guards.  Regardless of what type of security job you are looking for in Mississauga, Ontario, all security guards must be licensed under the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS). Security guards play a vital role in protecting residents and businesses from trespassers and ensuring people follow laws and procedures. Our course will teach you the skills you need to pass your Ministry exam and provide valuable knowledge as you begin your security guard job.

According to Mississauga is Canada’s 6th largest city by population and rapidly growing.  There are many security guard jobs available now.  Start your security training with the number one security guard training company in Ontario!

Why Choose SGC (Security Guard Course)?

At Security Guard Course, students experience up to date training and excellent customer service that prepares them for the Ontario Security Guard Training exam and attaining a security guard license. With our training, you will be prepared for a wide range of situations that you will encounter while working, and be confident you have the skills to get the job done every time.

You may work as a security guard at a sports game, a shopping mall, university, etc. That’s why we prepare you to handle everything from large crowds to residential, commercial, and personal security. This is so you have the freedom to choose which type of security career is best for you.

In order to pass the Ontario Provincial exam and apply for your Ontario Security Guard Licence, you will need to complete our 40-hour course. It is divided between 33.5 hours of online lessons, and a one-day in-class Emergency First Aid and CPR Certificate. The online modules offer lessons on everything you will need to know to be a successful security guard. Once students complete the Ministry requirements, they will be able to move on and apply for their provincial licence.

Our syllabus covers topics such as: Health and safety, the Canadian Legal System, Use of Force Theory and report writing. The online courses are divided into twelve modules, each taking varying lengths to complete.

Our specially tailored course also includes a comprehensive Practice Test & Answer Key for your further preparation. You have access to the courses 24/7 for as long as you need to complete the 33.5hrs also go beyond what you need to pass your exam by offering additional courses. Our Use of Force course is a great addition to your security guard training and will make you even more prepared.

To bring your skills to the next level, add our Private Investigator Training course which entitles you to receive a dual licence as both a security guard and a private investigator. As the top provider of Security Guard Training course in Mississauga, we put you on the right path. With our training on your resume, especially adding our Use of Force course, you boost your chances of landing a great job — fast.

Get started on building a rewarding career as a security guard, sign up for our course here!