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Manitoba FAQ

How To Get Your Manitoba Security Guard License

Congratulations, you have made the first step towards completing your Manitoba Security Guard Training Course by visiting us.  Make sure to visit our Manitoba Security Training Course page to purchase the required 40 hour online course that can be completed on our website.


Manitoba Security Guard Licensing Requirements

If you are at least 18 years of age, you can apply to become a security guard or private investigator by submitting the following to the Registrar:

  • Completed Private Investigator/Security Guard Licence Application
  • Please note that all applications must state an address for service within Manitoba. All notices and documentation, including your licence, will be sent to this address. Applications which do not state an address for service within Manitoba will be returned.
  • Section 19.1 of The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act requires you to report a change in your address for service to the Registrar within 15 days of it occurring.
  • Please note that incomplete application forms and submissions will not be accepted.
  • Results for a current Child Abuse Registry check (dated no older than six months at the time of submission).This must be obtained directly from Manitoba Child and Family Services. The results of a Child Abuse Registry check are not the same as a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) performed by a police service.
  • Results for a current Criminal Record check (dated no older than six months at the time of submission). This should be obtained from the police service in your jurisdiction of residence.


IMPORTANT: If your Criminal Record check indicates that you have, or may have, a record of conviction, you will have to provide a police document that outlines your criminal record conviction history (dated no older than six months at the time of submission). This is also referred to as a transcript.

This may require your fingerprints to be taken and submitted for comparison at the National Criminal Records Repository. Your police service will be able to advise you how long this process may take. If you require a transcript, your application cannot be accepted until you are able to provide the results.

Proof of successful training completion (security guard). This includes the following:

  • Certificate issued by a trainer approved by Manitoba Justice to deliver the mandatory Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP). This certificate can
    only be issued to you if you have completed the training and passed the requisite exam.
  • If you have moved to Manitoba from another Canadian Province or Territory where you satisfied a regulated training standard for security guards, this may be recognized as equivalent to the MSGTP. You should contact the Private Investigators and Security Guards Program for more information.
  • If you have no proof of training you may submit a complete application to the Registrar requesting a temporary security guard licence. You may only be issued one temporary licence and it cannot be renewed. A temporary security guard licence is only valid for six months. During this licence term, you are expected to satisfy the mandatory training standard.


IMPORTANT: Only Canadian training standards will be recognized for equivalency.

Digital photo image (jpeg file format) or

Paper photograph (colour) taken by a photo studio.

Digital photos on disc, flash drive, etc. are not accepted; forward a digital jpeg photo to

The style and quality of photographs submitted (both paper and digital) must be that which would be accepted for a passport application.

Photographs which do not satisfy the standards noted will not be accepted and may result in your application being returned.

Your photograph must be recent. If you change your appearance after submitting your photograph (cut your hair or grow facial hair, for example) you must provide a new photograph as soon as possible.

Payment of the licence fee

Please note that all fees are non-refundable.


Licensing Fees For Manitoba Security Personnel

Fees for individual licences are as follows:

Temporary Security Guard Licence
(one-time, six-month term for training purposes):
Private Investigator or Security Guard Licence: $30.00 annually
Dual Licence (Private Investigator and Security Guard): $60.00 annually

Please note that an individual is entitled to one temporary security guard licence only.

Can a security guard use the following equipment?

  • Batons/Nightsticks
    While batons are not considered prohibited weapons, security guards and private investigators should not use or carry batons, truncheons, nightsticks, billy clubs or any similar item as a weapon. Possessing or using this equipment could place an individual in violation of the Criminal Code.
  • Firearms
    No, individuals licensed under The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act may not carry any type of restricted weapon.
  • Handcuffs
    The use of handcuffs, although not specifically prohibited, should be closely monitored by your employer. As a general rule, only a minimum level of force may be used to restrain a person being lawfully placed under arrest. You must know that any other application of force is an unjustified assault and may lead to a charge under the Criminal Code.
  • Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray (Pepper Spray)
    No, security guards and private investigators are prohibited from the possession/use of pepper spray as it is a prohibited weapon under the Criminal Code.