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WHMIS Training – What It Is And Why You Need It

SGC is now offering online safety training courses to further prepare security guards to keep themselves and others safe while on the job. As Covid-19 continues to be a part of our reality, new measures in security are constantly being activated and security guard jobs are in high demand. Part of getting a job in security is taking the required ministry approved training such as our online security guard training course and then applying for a security license. Once you are licensed to work in the security industry additional training can make you more attractive to employers and keep you safe. One of the courses SGC is now offering is WHMIS training.

What is WHMIS?

WHMIS refers to the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and is Canada’s national workplace hazard communication standard for employee and workplace safety.

Who needs WHMIS training?

WHMIS training is legally required for all employees who are exposed or likely to be exposed to a hazardous material or controlled product at the workplace. The goal is to ensure that workers have the knowledge and skills to protect their health in the workplace. This may apply to factory workers, retail workers, maintenance, and more.

Do security guards need to take WHMIS training?

Yes. When it comes to safety and potentially dangerous substances you can’t be too careful. The Ministry of the Solicitor General agrees, saying that even though security guards may not work directly with hazardous materials, they should be familiar with the WHMIS symbols and how to respond to hazardous situations.  The basic security guard training course familiarizes students with WHMIS but we suggest certification.

With Covid-19, many workplaces that hire security guards are using stronger cleaning chemicals to sanitize the environment. Exposure to hazardous materials can occur on any site and you never know where you’ll be working as a security guard in Ontario. Different workplace environments require WHMIS training provided by the employer. If you already have your WHMIS certificate it will make you that much more attractive to an employer.

Some potential job sites that may require WHMIS training include:

  • Hospitality/Tourism sites
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Factories/Manufacturing
  • Construction sites
  • Office Buildings

Do WHMIS certificates expire?

WHMIS certificates do expire at some point. You can take our WHMIS course to get a new certificate or for re-certification purposes.

Why take WHMIS training with SGC?

 This award-winning industry recognized WHMIS online training course by Danatec is ideal for initial training or re-certification training. This online safety course fulfills the necessary requirements outlined by Health Canada under the Hazardous Products Regulations, for all persons involved in handling workplace chemicals. The WHMIS training course includes input from workers for engaging, easy to learn material citing examples from real life, through video, animations, interactive games and skill building exercises. Having an interactive learning experience will help you understand and retain the material so that when it comes time to use it in the field you will be better prepared.

What does the WHMIS course include?

  • Industry recognized, printable WHMIS certificate
  • Interesting and engaging learning content created by industry experts
  • Same day certification, begin your training in minutes
  • Flexible schedule- take anytime and complete at your leisure
  • Printable resources for easy reference and use: WHMIS sample label, poster, sample SDS, glossary and a workplace exercise sheet for additional training.
  • Mobile/Tablet compatible
  • Accessibility – a stored record of your training is easily accessed and shared as needed for auditing purposes or proof of certification
  • Shareable Digital Badge

 What happens once I complete the WHMIS online training?

After finishing the online WHMIS training, a final exam is required to complete the course. After passing the exam you will receive a printable certificate along with a shareable digital badge to show employers. Having a digital badge and easily accessible evidence of your certificate will prove to an employer that your WHMIS certificate is valid and that you have completed a WHMIS training course or passed a WHMIS knowledge test.

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If you’re in a job that requires WHMIS training, or you’re thinking of taking our online security guard course and applying for your Ontario security guard license, having a WHMIS certificate can help you be better prepared. If you’re looking for a security guard job, you can expand the environments you are able to work in.