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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness Training – Why you Need it Now

SGC is proud to offer online safety courses. These courses provide additional training after your Ontario online security guard training course or your ABST course, to keep you safe in your security guard job. Additional online training such as our Personal Protective Equipment Awareness course is a must in certain industries; especially right now in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Wearing protective gear while on the job is the new normal but even before Covid-19 PPE was necessary in many industries. Having your PPE certificate will make you more attractive to potential employers when looking for security guard jobs and keep you safe while working as a security guard.

What is PPE and when should it be used?

PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks while at work. It’s required by law in many industries for workers to have PPE training to learn about the proper use of protective gear and equipment. During Covid-19 PPE is used by most workers and is a necessity to keep employees safe on the job.

 What is PPE Awareness training?

PPE Awareness training will ensure workers understand what gear they are required to wear and how to maintain it for their own safety. Jobs and industries that require their workers to wear PPE must ensure their employees are trained in the proper use of their gear.

What industries require the use of PPE?

As stated above, due to Covid-19 most industries require PPE to avoid spreading the virus. Other industries may require additional gear and PPE Awareness training is required by law in many instances. Some examples of industries where PPE is used include:

  • Private Security
  • Construction sites
  • Building maintenance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Food Production/Handling
  • Farming
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Facilities

What are some types of PPE?

PPE includes:

  • Protective eyewear – Goggles, Shields, Glasses
  • Hearing Protective Gear- Earplugs, Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Fall Protection-Harnesses etc.
  • Protective Clothing-Helmets/Protective footwear, Reflective clothing, Gloves
  • Respiratory Protection- Facemasks, Dust shields
  • Medical Protection- Medical Masks to protect from germs, Visors, Gowns, Medical Gloves

Do security guards require the use of Personal Protective Equipment?

Yes. Security guards may be required to wear a protective vest which is considered PPE. When patrolling a construction site, factory or working in the oil industry (a common Alberta security guard job) security guards may be required to wear the same PPE as other employees. In the age of Covid-19 security guards may also have to wear medical masks and gloves to keep themselves safe. Gloves are often worn in airports and other high traffic areas as well.

When does an employer have to provide PPE?

  • If an organization’s hazard assessment process indicates the need for personal protective equipment, an employer must ensure that:
  • Workers wear personal protective equipment that is suitable for the hazard to protect workers
  • Workers properly use and wear the personal protective equipment
  • The personal protective equipment is in a condition to perform the function for which it was designed
  • Workers are trained in the correct use, care, limitations and assigned maintenance of the personal protective equipment

Why take SGC’s online PPE training course?

Our PPE Awareness course, offered through Danatec, trains employees so that they meet legislative requirements. It is appropriate for new staff orientation or for refresher training. This course is excellent for toolbox and safety meetings and to reinforce the importance of proper selection, use, and maintenance of PPE to ensure worker safety.

What does the PPE training course include?

Our course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to PPE
  • Types of PPE
  • PPE Procedures

The course content is engaging and interactive so it can be easily learned and retained using tools such as:

  • Animated scenarios
  • Expert character guideposts
  • Interactive learning exercises
  • Competency quiz questions
  • Glossary and toolbox of regulations and codes
  • Helpful guides
  • Downloadable sample documents

After successful completion of the course and a final exam, students will be issued a training certificate that’s valid for three (3) years.

Start today!

Enhance your onsite practical training with our PPE Awareness course to help you meet legislative requirements and give you peace of mind that you are armed with the best information on PPE to keep you safe while working as a security guard in Ontario.