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New to Ontario? How to Find a High Demand Security Job

If you are a new immigrant to Ontario, you may be looking to start a second career or find a job that is in high demand. You’ve come to the right place! With the right training you can land yourself a high demand job in the security field. Security guards are always needed in office buildings, sporting arenas and events, malls and more.  So how do you go about getting an Ontario security job? Read on and follow these easy steps.

  • Receive accredited security course training- Our Security Training Course is approved by the Ministry, adhering to set guidelines and was created by security professionals from the field to give you the practical skills you will need to succeed on the job. Our courses are offered online to be completed at your convenience whether you are seeking a security job in Toronto, a Brampton security job, or an Ottawa security job. In order to receive your license you must also take a one day in person first-aid course.


  • Consider taking extra training to stand out- In addition to our security guard training, we offer an online Use of Force Training course which is attractive to potential employers when hiring. This course teaches you when and how to use force if necessary while on the job and how to protect yourself legally.


  • Apply for your security guard license- Once you’ve completed your training, you may apply for your security guard license, which allows you to work as a security guard in Ontario.


  • Apply for work- Our graduates have a high rate of success when it comes to finding work. With the Security Guard training course, the online Use of Force course and your determination you’ll be working in the security field before you know it! 

That’s it! Whether you want to work in stadiums, office buildings, stores, residential high-rises, government buildings, events, parking garages, tourist destinations, or construction sites the possibilities for security jobs in Ontario are endless. Get started on your training today and begin a second career where you can provide service to the community and earn a secure living.