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Is First Aid a requirement for Ontario Security Guards?

What are First Aid Security Requirements in Ontario?

First Aid is emergency care or treatment to an injured or ill person using readily available materials before regular medical attention can be obtained. First Aid is intended to preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery.  Ontario Security Guards are required to  hold a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate in order to complete the 40hr Basic Security Guard Training Course.

Anyone can take charge of an emergency scene and provide first aid. Ambulance personnel, police officers, and firefighters may be called to the scene of an emergency and are known as “first responders”. It is their job to respond to an emergency. They are trained to take charge of a scene as soon as they arrive. You can expect them to ask direct questions about the scene, the casualty and your involvement. If a security guard is trained in First Aid, they may tell them ‘I am a First-Aider’; give the history of the scene and the condition of the casualty.

In addition to providing first aid, a security guard on an emergency scene may also:

  • protect the casualty’s belongings
  • keep unnecessary people away
  • reassure family or friends of the casualty.

Security guards should familiarize themselves with their employers’ First Aid policies, including accident reporting, in order to respond to emergency situations as effectively and quickly as possible.

Typically, a recognized First Aid course would include training on:

  • Emergency scene management
  • Treatment of shock, unconsciousness or fainting
  • Treatment for choking – adults
  • One Rescuer CPR – adult

Emergency Level First Aid training and certification is a requirement of the basic training program for security guards.

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