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Become An Affiliate And Earn

If you manage  or recruit for a company or service in the security industry,  read on to learn how you can benefit your operations, recruit personnel and earn passive revenue without any effort by becoming an affiliate of SGC (Security Guard Course Inc.).

What Is An Affiliate?

An affiliate is a partner of SGC (Security Guard Course Inc.) that sells our courses via links on their company website and earns a monthly commission.

Why Work With SGC?

SGC is an industry leader in Ontario in the training and graduating of security guards and private investigators.  Our leadership has years of experience and industry connections. We also offer supplemental training in Loss Prevention and Use of Force.  Of course, we are a Dual Licensed and insured agency by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and a Registered Training Entity. View our listing here

How Does It Work?

By becoming an affiliate you will offer links on your company website to our security related courses. Here is a sample of current SGC affiliates who we are proud partners with:


How We Track Sales

Notice that on affiliate sites when a course is clicked, that links to the SGC site with a reference code.  All traffic/sales are accessible to our affiliates via their own login so you can keep track. It is a completely transparent process.

What’s In It For Me? 

Attract recruits via your own site and earn passive income!

How Do I Make Money?

Each time an SGC course is sold through your site you make a commission. Affiliates are paid monthly for their course sales. It’s that simple. We handle all of the student administration from start to finish. All you have to do is add an SGC training page to your website. We can help with that or you can have your own web people do it.  Whatever your preference, it’s a simple process and an easy way to make extra money.

Is This Legal?

Yes, of course. Again, we are licensed and insured by the Ministry and follow their guidelines.  Whether you represent a private security agency or an unrelated business, SGC is the one offering the training and responsible for providing that training. The student is responsible for the security training cost, and the security license cost once they have completed their training. Your organization is simply marketing our services on our behalf.

I’m Interested…How Do I Start?

Email us at and let’s partner together to provide quality security training.