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Alberta Security Guard Jobs

After taking your Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course (ABST) and receiving your Alberta Security License you are ready for a job in the security industry in Alberta.  Congratulations! Read on to learn more about the kinds of security jobs you can get in Alberta.

What kind of jobs can I do as an Alberta Security Guard?

There are many places where you can find work as a security guard in Alberta after taking the Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course (ABST). Security guards are in demand and hired to work in the following sectors/jobs:

  •       Office buildings/Commercial Spaces
  •       Residential buildings
  •       Parking garages and Construction sites
  •       Airports
  •       Retail and Property Loss Prevention
  •       Sporting Events and Tourist Attractions
  •       Oil Sands
  •       Hospitals/Healthcare
  •       Mobile Patrols

Security workers are hired across Alberta including:

Banff – National Park and Tourist Accommodations

Lake Louise – Tourist destination and Tourist Accommodations

Calgary – The Calgary Stampede- Every year this event attracts more than a million people, and about 3200 staff members are hired to help things run smoothly. That includes security professionals to ensure the safety of the visitors and event.

Edmonton The West Edmonton Mall- As the largest most visited mall in North America Loss Prevention Specialists are required for property protection and monitoring, and security guards are needed to protect mall visitors and workers.

Alberta Oil Sands As these sites have to work 24/7 at times, proper evaluated security is required at every level to monitor staff and ensure safety procedures are followed.

How do I find a security job in Alberta?

Our graduates have a high rate of success in the industry. After you take our Alberta Basic Security Training Course (ABST) offered online for your convenience, follow all mandatory government guidelines and pass the exam, you can then apply for your Alberta security license.

With your Alberta security license in hand you are ready to apply for jobs online or contact private security companies. Here are some job boards you can visit: -Lists security jobs in Alberta and what you can expect for salary -Lists the top 20 security jobs in Alberta– Lists top security jobs and salaries

Alberta Job Centre– Lists security jobs for Alberta– Lists security jobs, salaries and company reviews – Features jobs by Paladin (example), a security company in Alberta

What are the benefits of working in the security industry in Alberta?

Having an Alberta Security Guard job, you have a chance to protect people and their property and give back to the community you live in.  Getting a job in the security field not only secures property and people it can also secure your future.  So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already completed your Alberta Basic Security Training Course, sign up and get started today.  If you’ve taken the ABST, and have your Alberta Security license visit the job sites in this post and start applying!