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Loss Prevention Training And Where To Get It In The GTA

SGC is proud to offer Loss Prevention Training in the GTA.  This 40-hour in person course taught by Loss Prevention specialists teaches the fundamentals of what it takes to be an effective undercover loss prevention specialist.


What Does a Loss Prevention Investigator do?

Loss Prevention Investigators work for organizations such as: national and local retailers, mid-sized firms and Fortune 500 companies with investigation and security services focused on eliminating internal and external theft and fraud.

In a retail setting such as a department store, the Loss Prevention Investigators would prevent theft by patrolling the store to deter shoplifters and apprehend those engaged in shoplifting.  A Loss Prevention Officer might also assist in creating theft prevention plans and policies and monitor the workplace to assess safety issues or concerns.


Why Loss Prevention Matters

Loss Prevention helps businesses combat the criminal element and threats to their company’s bottom line. Each year businesses lose more profit due to loss. According to retail and the Retail Council of Canada, loss prevention strategies are needed to prevent these losses which were estimated to be a staggering $5 billion dollars, amongst Canadian retailers, last year alone. When retailers take such a hit it negatively impacts the overall Canadian economy. If retailers continue to operate at a loss they will close down, putting their employees out of work. If they remain open, often to account for the losses, retailers increase their prices which affects the wallets of honest consumers. Preventing theft and losses for businesses benefits us all.

Working in a safe environment is a right we all have. Having security personnel such as Loss Prevention Associates in place, trained to handle unexpected situations offers peace of mind to retailers. Monitoring stores and workplaces through CCTV and undercover patrolling is an effective way of accomplishing this. Our course will teach you how to do both.


What are the advantages of taking Loss Prevention Training?


There’s currently a shortage of qualified loss prevention professionals in Ontario, so there are plenty of employment opportunities for properly trained Loss Prevention Associates. Having that training puts you one step ahead of those looking for work.


Real-world Skills

Being prepared for situations that may occur while on the job will make you a better employee, and give you the confidence and skills you need to succeed. This means you will advance more quickly than those that may only have on the job experience without formal training.


Career Advancement

Loss prevention careers typically allow more room for advancement than traditional security careers and pay higher wages for entry level positions.


Why take your Loss Prevention Training with SGC?

Hands-on Real-World Experience

Our course is taught in person (in the GTA) by qualified Loss Prevention Specialists who will give you hands on experience and the skills you need to be successful in this field. This experience will ensure you are prepared to handle whatever you may encounter on the job, and give you an advantage when looking to secure employment.



We offer flexible class schedules including part-time options to suit your needs so you can complete the 40 hours easily.



Last but not least, the goal of this course is to find you employment when you graduate. Over half of our course graduates receive a formal job offer!


How do I become Loss Prevention Certified?

The only way to become an expert in loss prevention is to take a course such as ours or through on the job experience or both. Getting on the job experience may be tricky without training, as the person who has taken Loss Prevention Training will likely get the job.


What does the course include?

Our hands-on training offers real world experience such as:

  • Experiencing real-world arrests
  • Working closely with police services
  • Learning how to use CCTV systems-monitoring the activity of customers/employees through these systems
  • Learning the fundamentals of undercover surveillance

The goal of this training is to prepare the student for immediate employment following the completion of the course. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Loss Prevention Training today and you will be well on your way to a rewarding career as a Loss Prevention Specialist.