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Top 5 Reasons To Be A Security Guard

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Security Guard

Private Security can be an exciting career.  We’ve put together a list of what we think are some of the best reasons to get security guard training and get started!

1. Have A Look Behind The Scenes

Security Guards have access to restricted areas that the public isn’t usually privy to.  Often guards are controlling access to VIP areas and rooms with confidential information and valuables.

Private Security has a serious responsibility in protecting these areas from potential theft and access however it can be exciting to see what others don’t and to be proud of these duties.

2. Flexibility

Security Guard jobs have a ton of flexibility when it comes to working a variety of shift times, work sites, and job duties.  This flexibility makes getting your Security Guard License a good choice for students and part-timers.

Some examples of these security guard jobs are: condominium concierges, special event security, restaurant and bar front door access control, mobile patrol and commercial and retail security.

3. Skills Building

One thing you can count on as a security professional is that you will be tested in ways you didn’t plan for.  On any given day, security guards may deal with an emergency medical situation, a volatile dispute between people, a theft, detailed note taking after an accident or dealing with people who may not even understand the language you speak.

All of these situations build serious conflict resolution and problem solving skills that that be translated into any career in your future.

4. Camaraderie

Nothing brings people together like dealing with adversity.  Many times guards are working together to solve a problem or deal with a conflict.  After a long shift for example, some security guards build lasting friendships having spent the time depending on one another to support them while on duty.

This relationship building teaches security guards how to rely upon others and be relied upon – both of these skills allows one to be trusted not only on the job but also in their personal development.

5. Guards Have Fun Too!

Imagine sneaking a smile to your fellow security guard as you both stand on duty protecting one of your favorite celebrities.  How about the adrenaline rush of being the only person in a building of 1000 people that has the training and knowledge to correctly identify and acknowledge a screaming fire alarm.

Your Security Guard Training will teach you many things and having a Security guard License should be taken seriously.  But remember that it’s important to find a little fun and enjoyment in such a serious job!