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Use Of Force and Cooperative Handcuffing

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Who needs Use of Force and Cooperative Handcuffing training?

  • Private Security and Loss Prevention guards
  • Event teams
  • Bar and nightclub staff

Why is Use of Force and Cooperative Handcuffing training important?

This course is an essential investment in your professional development, providing you with the tools to navigate complex legal landscapes, manage conflicts effectively, and make informed decisions that align with both legal obligations and ethical standards. Prepare to engage deeply, challenge yourself, and expand your capabilities as a security professional.

The curriculum is structured to deepen your understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of use of force while providing ample opportunities for practical application.

This includes scenario-based training that tests your decision-making skills in complex situations requiring a measured response. Moreover, the course introduces you to the National Use of Force Model and the newly implemented Public-Police Interactions Training Aid, which provide frameworks for assessing and managing interactions with the public in a professional and respectful manner.

If you work in an environment with an elevated risk of violence, such as a hospital, nightclub or other public location the Ontario Ministry of Labour suggests Use of Force refresher training every 12 months as a best practice.


What does this course cover?

By completing this course, you will not only fulfill legal training requirements but also gain the confidence to handle security challenges competently.

This course uses scenarios, case studies, exercises and quizzes to educate and help you ensure the safety and rights of the individuals you interact with by enhancing public trust in security services.

Please click the Curriculum Tab to view the course outline.


Use of Force and Cooperative Handcuffing Certificate

Once you have completed this 12 hour online course you will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Your Certificate expires after 1 year as the skills and knowledge you have learned need to be updated and practiced regularly.

We offer a Recertification course for our returning students for a reduced price.

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