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B.C. Animal Control Bylaw Officer Course

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Do you want a career as an Animal Control Officer in British Columbia?  Consider this course an essential step in upgrading your skills and knowledge.  You will gain a firm foundation and training in a variety of legal issues and dog behaviour required for this position.

Why Take This Course?

This is a B.C. specific Animal Control/Enforcement program for frontline bylaw officers.  No previous experience is necessary.

Who Should Register?

  1. Anyone currently employed or seeking employment as an Animal Control Bylaw Officer
  2. Organizations/Municipalities seeking to train multiple staff

Course Details:

  1. Online Training Course
  2. Approximately 30 hours to complete
  3. 8 modules with printable handouts
  4. Online final exam
  5. Printable accreditation certificate


  1. Add Animal Control Bylaw Officer to your resume
  2. This is a stand alone course designed specifically for Animal Control Bylaw Enforcement Officers
  3. Seek higher paying work and improve your chances of landing jobs by proactively taking this training
  4. Ability to complete this course at your own pace
  5. Instructor expertise and assistance available through email

Program Content Vetting and Certifications

The authors of this course are court recognized Subject Matter Experts in the training of Animal Control and Bylaw Enforcement Officers in addition to police officers. The legal materials and opinions contained in this program are drawn from actual court cases and are not just the opinions of the authors. Dog handling and control methods have been field tested for over 20 years by the authors and officers trained by them and have been found to be humane, legal and pass the "trial by social media" test for palatability. Copies of transcripts from these court credentials are available upon request.

Course Content

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