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Security Guard Jobs During A Pandemic – We Need You

Though the need for event security has fallen by the wayside in recent times with concerts and sporting events being cancelled, the increase in demand for security in other areas during Covid-19 is keeping security guards employed when many other industries are suffering. Security is deemed an essential service and the job market hasn’t declined in spite of the pandemic. A representative heading one of the largest security firms in Canada says demand for security is up 25% in spite of losing airport and event security details and there is an increased need for security during this time. (For more news on how Covid-19 is affecting the security industry and up to date information visit this post.)

 Pandemic Protection- The Continued Need for Security

The security industry has always been a reliable one in terms of job availability, the needs for protection of property, people and businesses always required. Though in the past they have been used for crowd control at concerts, during the pandemic security guards are being used for another type of crowd control-posted at store entrances for retailers that remain open. Many grocery retailers who have employed security in the past for loss prevention and employee safety are now using additional security to control the number of customers entering stores and to regulate social distancing.

What other types of security jobs are available during Covid-19?

Covid-19 has changed the way the world works and the way that security jobs are being performed but it hasn’t eliminated security guard jobs. (Click here for employment opportunities, we can help).

Security is needed in the following areas:

  •   Monitoring Closed stores-to prevent vandalism
  •   Patrolling Parking lots/Public areas- to protect property during closures and to prevent loitering
  •   Staffing at Grocery stores and open businesses to maintain social distancing rules
  •   Mobile patrols for office premises and closed commercial and retail spaces
  •   CCTV monitoring of office premises and closed commercial spaces
  •     Alarm monitoring-to check fire alarm systems and confirm if alarms or real or false

How to Get your Ontario Security License

If you have already taken your security training, and passed the exam you can apply for your Ontario security license. If not, you can start by taking the training and then take your exam when testing centres reopen in Ontario.

Here is a list of steps to follow to get a security license and apply for security guard jobs:

  1. Take Ministry Approved Security Training

Complete Ministry approved Ontario security guard training such as the online security courses we offer and an in-person First-Aid course. (CPR courses may be offered online during Covid-19. For more on that, please read our post about online learning.) With extra time during self-isolation now may be the perfect time to take that leap and complete your Ontario security guard course. (For more on the benefits of e-learning visit this post.)

  1. Take the Exam

Once you’ve completed your forty-hour online training and first-aid training, you must  pass an exam. (Note: In person exams in Ontario are temporarily halted during Covid-19. For more information on how to proceed with CPR training visit this post. For more on Covid-19 and how it is affecting security exams and licensing visit this post.) Once you have passed your exam you can apply for your Ontario security license.

  1. Apply for your Ontario Security License

Once you have passed the exam, you can apply for your security license online.

How to Apply for an Ontario Security Guard Job

For those who already have a security license you can apply for security guard jobs in Ontario. We have recently partnered with Right Source staffing in order to make your search for a security guard job even easier after you’ve obtained your Ontario security license.  Make sure to enter code SGC when completing their application.  Best of luck!

These are challenging times and the world is changing. Security guard jobs are evolving and are vital to keeping people safe and secure during this unprecedented time. Apply today for your Ontario security guard license if you haven’t already and you’ll be on your way to an amazing and satisfying security guard job in no time.