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Safety First Security Means Putting Others Safety First

Safety First – What it means to be a Security Guard

Our Ontario security training courses prepare you for a job in security in Scarborough, Brampton, Toronto, Ottawa, and beyond. That’s great, but what does that mean? Security isn’t what you see in the movies, a snoring guard asleep on the job while villains tiptoe past, or an overzealous egomaniac brandishing a gun to yield power. So what is included in security services? 

What does it mean to be a security guard?

It means putting others safety first.

While duties vary according to what sector you work in, working in security is about safety first and foremost. Evaluating and assessing a situation before it poses a threat to the public is a necessary skill when providing security services. That’s why the type of training we provide is safety first security training serving Scarborough and the rest of the GTA. This means learning how to access and de-escalate a situation quickly and effectively without compromising your safety and the safety of others. Our Ministry approved curriculum, gives you the tools you need to be successful on the job.

What types of security guard jobs are there?

There are many types of security guard jobs. Stadiums hosting large sporting events or concerts, retail stores and malls, parking lot and private offices, and government buildings all use security services. Below are some examples of the types of security guard jobs and the duties you may encounter in specific sectors.  Apply here for a security guard job.

Retail Security Officers

These guards are hired to prevent theft, vandalism, violence and crime and protect lives. Their presence acts as a deterrent to would be troublemakers and if a situation arises they are often the first to act. Learning how to quickly and correctly evaluate a situation and take control with a suitable response, and proper use of force is vital to shield the public from harm and protect property. Putting the public’s safety first in a busy and fast paced setting is why security services are necessary. In addition to learning these valuable skills through our Ontario Security Guard training course, you can also take Use of Force training which will allow you to know how to react in a situation and when the use of force may be necessary.

Construction Site Security

Since these sites are often left empty they are at risk of vandalism and theft. Security services can protect equipment and deter potential trespassers. 

Warehouse and Factory Security

Keeping track of who is coming and going, permitting access to employees and visitors and monitoring car parks and storage areas, are part of this position. Security guards may also manage emergencies such as fire, or accidents and monitor staff to keep them safe and to deter employee theft.

Private Company Security

This may involve fire safety, signing in visitors and staff and permitting access. Being equipped to handle emergencies and respond according to set guidelines are critical for success in this position. You may have to provide emergency medical care or assistance while waiting for responders, and provide information to fire fighters. Having First Aid Training is a mandatory part of Ontario Security Training. We offer a one day course that will give you everything you need to be able to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Event Services

This would include concerts, and sporting events. Knowing how to monitor a crowd, checking property and evaluating for and removing potential threats, in addition to carrying out proper fire protocols and emergency response may be part of this position.

We could go on and on about the different security jobs there are available to you once you complete your certificate and apply for your security guard license.

How do I get my security license in Ontario?

Our online security guard training course and First Aid Certification adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of The Solicitor General of Ontario and are all you need to successfully apply for your license and being working as a security guard in Scarborough or the rest of Ontario. Our online security courses are taught by qualified professionals who have worked in the field and use real life situations. Online classes can be completed at anytime to fit your schedule and we offer the best online use of force course. Once you complete this in person course you will receive an additional certification, which will help you stand out to employers, and offer protection from physical harm and possible legal ramifications regarding the proper use of force while on the job.

There you have it. The many ways being a security professional helps protect others property and their lives, putting their safety first in Scarborough, Toronto, and wherever you choose to work while providing a valuable service. 

What are you waiting for? Get started today! SGC is Ontario’s number one provider of security training with over 5,000 graduates and counting many who have gone on to find successful and rewarding careers. Now it’s your turn.