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Ontario Private Investigator Training Course

In Ontario, you must have a Private Investigator License if you perform work, for remuneration, that consists primarily of conducting investigations to provide information on the character, actions, business, occupation, or whereabouts of a person. Under the PSISA, loss prevention specialists are considered to be security guards and do not require a private investigator licence.  You need our Private Investigator Training!

The most popular method that students use to study the required curriculum is the Online Private Investigator Training Course found here: SGC. This 50hr online course meets the Ministry requirements and ensures students receive their Training Completion Number and are ready to write their Private Investigator Exam.

Once licensed, there are many entry level positions constantly posted on popular job websites.  Positions may require surveillance, report writing, using video and camera equipment to record evidence and web research.  A reliable vehicle is often required and we suggest looking for agencies that operate in your area to begin with.

Many new private investigators take part in fraud investigations especially in the insurance category while others may investigate civil matters as part of custody battles.

Please contact the experts and get started today on a career in Private Investigations!