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Need A Security Guard Job?

SGC is partnered with RightSource Staffing to provide our students security guard jobs throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Whether you are interested in airport screening officer positions, event security guard jobs, concierge or commercial security operations, we can get you hired.

Our basic requirements to be accepted are having:

  • Valid Security Guard License
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Computer Skills
  • First Aid & CPR Certificate
  • Must have a flexible schedule

Click here for information on how to apply and feel free to read on to job descriptions and more information on security guard jobs!

Remember that security guard training is the first step to acquiring a position in this field. If you are over the age of 18, are legally authorized to work in Canada, and also possess a clean criminal record, then consider taking our online security guard course to prepare for the Ontario security guard license exam. If you are successful in obtaining your Ontario security guard license, then there is a wide variety of jobs to choose from as a security guard in Ontario.

In fact, security guard training, as governed by the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General, will provide you with applicable skills in communication, health and safety, use of force and report writing that can be used in the fields of duty covered below, and also in many other lines of work.

Airport Security Guard Jobs

Providing security in some of the largest transportation hubs in Ontario means that candidates require a good knowledge of the different scenarios that may present themselves in this area. Security guard jobs in airports require good situational awareness, a keen ability to make good choices, and knowledge of the stresses and challenges of dealing with a large volume of people in a high profile environment.

Shopping Mall Security Jobs

Shopping mall security guard positions come with a unique set of challenges such as dealing with shoplifters and utilizing proper crowd control. With a large amount of the public in one building, good knowledge of emergency first aid and CPR training will also serve you well in the line of duty.  If you want the best in loss prevention training, you will want to check out our certificate course here.

Special Event Security Guard Jobs

Special event security is challenging in that the types of events, and the audiences attending these events will vary every time. Special events often involve crowd control duties and the ability to stay calm in large crowds of people. For those looking for security guard jobs in Ontario in the line of special event security, know that you must represent your employer in the line of duty but also the organization that is holding the event. As such, sensitivity training is crucial to understanding how to communicate with a diverse set of people in the public sphere and also how to respectfully and calmly communicate in a variety of situations at special events.  Proper Use of Force knowledge is also important when dealing with crowds and alcohol.

Basic Requirements For Security Guard Jobs In Ontario

Before exploring jobs in any of the above fields, familiarize yourself with some of the core documents that form the knowledge base of the security industry. This includes the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

Reading these texts is not enough, however, as you will require experienced instructors to demonstrate how to apply these principles in the field. In order to find a qualified instructor, choose an online training course that has a proven syllabus that covers the essential topics required for the Ontario security guard licensing exam.

Toronto Security Guard Jobs

Finding a security guard job in Ontario – including in Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton and Mississauga – requires knowledge of the areas unique to this province. This includes studying the Ontario Evidence Act and the aforementioned Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005. However, there are some areas of study that cover jobs in all Canadian provinces, such as knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Can I be a Security Guard with a Criminal Record?

The answer is it depends. Though the Ministry of the Solicitor General’s guidelines clearly state to apply for a security guard license you must have a clean criminal record, you may wonder what that includes. If you’ve committed a crime in the past and your record has been wiped clean then you may still be eligible. It depends on the nature of the offence committed and whether or not you pass the background check that the ministry will perform as part of the Security Guard License application process. To find out if your criminal record will prevent you from becoming a security guard read this explanation.


Think you have what it takes to apply for a security guard job in Ontario? With so many benefits to the position, know that this field is popular for many recent graduates who are looking for work that is challenging, varied and requires a diverse skillset.

If you or someone you know is looking to train to get licensed for a security guard job in Ontario, check out our simple and easy guide for getting starting in the field of security. This guide will cover basic questions about training, licensing, use of force, criminal records, exams and security guard salaries in Ontario. It will also give you a good overview of the types of jobs you can expect in this field and how security guards differ from private investigators in Ontario.