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How To Become An Ontario Bylaw Officer

Bylaw Officer Training in Ontario is available through an online certification course.  This online bylaw training course has been designed to teach the student the academic competencies needed to be effective as an Ontario Bylaw Enforcement Officer.


Topics covered in the course include

  • Characteristics Of A Good Officer
  • Introduction To Law
  • Municipal Structure
  • Authorities And Powers Of An Officer
  • Duty To Inspect
  • Authorities And Powers To Enter And Inspect
  • Authorities And Powers To Enter Building Or Property
  • Personal Safety And Situational Awareness
  • Inspection Reports
  • Photographs
  • Correspondence
  • Search Warrants
  • Powers Of Arrest And Detain
  • Options To Lay Charges
  • Laying Charges
  • Preparing For Court
  • Court Structure
  • Judicial Officers And Their Roles
  • Trial Process
  • Use Of Notes In Court
  • How To Be A Good Witness
  • Evidence


The key to performing your duties as an Ontario Bylaw Officer is to understand two very important questions:


  1. What Is The Role Of A Bylaw Officer? 
  2. What Makes A Good Bylaw Officer?


The goal of Municipal bylaw enforcement is to ensure compliance with municipal bylaws.  However, understanding that a Bylaw Officer has the authority to initiate court action as a means of compliance though it is not the preferred method is critical.


If you are interested in a law enforcement career and are a good listener, a good communicator and can adapt to changing environments, then we invite you to take this course.  For further information please visit our FAQ page.