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How much do Security Guards Make?

Security Guard Jobs Offer Security

Getting a job in the security field not only protects companies and people, it can offer you a secure future. We’re often asked how to become a Security Guard and how much Security Guards make. That’s why we’ve decided to answer both questions below.

How much do Security Guards Make?

It varies depending on the type of position. Though a guard without experience may earn minimum wage to start, (around $14/hour) those with more experience can earn more. It is common for Supervisors, Site Managers and Mobile Patrol Guards to earn $17 – $25 per hour.

It also varies depending on the hiring company and type of position. Guards can be hired for events, malls, office and residential buildings and more. offers reliable company information from those in the industry, to give you a basic idea of the types of jobs available and how much money you can make as a security guard with different companies. Before you can consider searching for a security job and applying, you need to take the steps to become one first.


  • Get your Ontario Security Training


Our Security Guard Course is offered online for your convenience and follows all Ministry guidelines. Our online courses are offered for you to complete at your leisure and are created by security industry professionals with hands-on experience. These means you’ll receive practical training to ensure your success and safety while working in the security field.


  • Apply for your Ontario Security License


Once your training is complete−our Security Guard Course and an in-person one day Emergency and First-Aid Training Course−you’re ready to apply for your Ontario Security License

Look for Work

If you go to job search engines such as Indeed,  simply hired, workopolis, and and search security guard you will find many job opportunities. You may also want to approach private security companies to see if they are hiring, or take additional training such as our online Use of Force course which helps you stand out in the field.  But don’t forget that SGC offers jobs too!  Click here for the steps to your first Security Guard job.

Stay determined!

Remember the industry is always evolving and there are always jobs to be found, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get hired immediately. Always be polite even if a company chooses not to hire you. Word gets around and a future job may be yours if you are memorable for the right reasons. 

Our graduates are highly successful in getting hired in the security field and you can be too! Get started today on your new career for a secure future. Questions? Contact us today to learn more.