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How do I become a Security Guard in Manitoba?

Private security guards are in demand in Winnipeg and many smaller cities throughout Manitoba.  

A Manitoba security guard license will permit you to join the thousands of Manitoba guards who maintain the safety and security of properties and individuals on a daily basis.

Security jobs in Manitoba range from aviation security to tactical security to residential property protection.  Each security job comes with its own specific duties but all Manitoba guards are expected to interact with the public using professional conduct, report incidents in a timely and articulate manner and to enforce private property laws and rules.

To get a security license in Manitoba simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete our approved 40 hour online Manitoba security guard training program.
  2. Pass your online exam with a minimum grade of 75%.
  3. Apply for your license with Manitoba Justice.

Our Student Support Advisors assist students 7 days a week with questions and processes for licensing.

Most students are able to complete their 40 hour Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP) in a few days, though you have 1 year to complete the required 40 hours.

Security guard jobs in Winnipeg and many Manitoba cities are plentiful and small and large security companies are always hiring.

Get started towards your Manitoba Security Guard License today and let us help you start your career in the Manitoba private security industry!