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Do you know what laws regulate Use of Force in Ontario?

Many new Security Guards are unaware that Use of Force training is not mandatory to work in bars or nightclubs as bar security or bouncers.

Currently, no training standards exist in Ontario for what is or is not appropriate Use of Force training for licensed private security.

Often, martial arts style training is marketed to security guards and then those skills are used on the job in bars.  This is a dangerous idea.

What is acceptable by the courts is very different from what is acceptable by martial arts standards.

In 2012 The Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act replaced the present Criminal Code sections 34 to 42.

This enactment amends the Criminal Code to enable a person who owns or has lawful possession of property, or persons authorized by them, to arrest within a reasonable time a person whom they find committing a criminal offence on or in relation to that property. It also amends the Criminal Code to simplify the provisions relating to the defences of property and persons.

Do you think that you have received adequate use of force training in your job?

Unfortunately, the answer we receive is often, no.  Many security guards are trained by unqualified instructors on skills based on American laws and standards and not specific to Canadian and Ontario court decisions.

Pain compliance and subject control are now highly inappropriate in Canadian society and our court system.

The way to keep yourself and the people you engage with safe are to empower yourself with knowledge and relevant skills.

SGC is very pleased to offer two online courses to build the confidence of security guards, security managers and their clients.

The first is an online use of force and passive handcuffing training course and the second is a specialized online training course for bar and nightclub security guards.

We suggest you also read the FAQ links listed on these course pages and our other use of force related blogposts.  Remember, knowledge is power.