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Professional Security Guard – What’s in it for you?

Security, Safety, and Service are part of what it takes to be a professional licensed Security Guard. It might surprise you that you will get more than you ever thought possible in a job that allows you to give back. Read on to find how to get your Ontario Security License and what opportunities and experiences it can offer you.

What does a professional Security Guard do?

A security guard mainly protects persons or property through loss prevention, implementation of emergency and safety procedures and more. To observe and report are the two core functions of a Security Guard.

What are the benefits of a Security Guard license? Why should I become a security professional?

You get to work in a field where you provide public services you can feel good about such as:

Emergency support: If there is an emergency event such as a fire, your training will provide order and calm to support the responders when they do arrive. Security training also includes CPR training. Being qualified to provide medical attention if someone falls ill as a trained first line of response while waiting for medical assistance can be the difference between life and death.

Loss prevention: Companies and the economy all suffer from theft. Loss prevention training will make you a part of the important sector of the population responsible for helping businesses thrive. Preventing loss helps businesses be more successful and the economy do well, which has a positive effect on us all.

Protecting the Public: Controlling a situation before it can escalate, and providing public safety, maintaining order while authorities are called, keeps members of the community safe and offers peace of mind to those attending large events, or public spaces.

What kind of job can I get with an Ontario Security License?

A Security Guard license allows you to work as a Security Guard, bodyguard, bouncer, or loss prevention employee.

A Private Investigator licence allows you to be hired to investigate the character or actions of a person, a person’s business or occupation, or the whereabouts of persons or property.

Security is a Growing sector in the workforce

The needs for increased security have provided a tremendous boom to the Security Guard and Private Investigation industries. As security measures are constantly increasing so are the needs for qualified professionals.

Want some proof? According to the Ministry of Public Security Act for Private Investigators and Security, there were only 4,000 licensed individuals working in the field in the late sixties. By 2002, that number had increased to 28,000. That number continues to rise. Other sectors may be decreasing, but security doesn’t appear to be one of them. Employment in the security industry between 1991 and 2001 was nearly five times the growth for all Canadian industries with 73.6% employment growth during that time period.

This trend appears to be continuing. According to the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Ontario, as of December 31, 2018 there were: 77,662 licensed Security Guards, 2,211 licensed Private Investigators, 2,150 dual licensees, 739 licensed business entities and 471 registered employers in Ontario.

Why train with SGC?

  • We are the number one accredited training company in Ontario with several locations
  • We are experts in the field who understand and adhere to ministry requirements needed for obtaining a valid Ontario Security License including use of force, loss prevention training, and access to CPR training
  • We have trained over 5,000 individuals to date
  • We offer dual certification in Private Investigation and Security Guard training
  • We offer real-time assistance and support
  • We provide online training at a reasonable cost that you can complete when it is convenient for you
  • Pay a one-time fee for the course

So, what are you waiting for? For the chance to be part of an industry that is continually growing, obtain employment and to give back and serve the community start training for your Ontario Security License and take the training course today!