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Toronto Ontario Security Guard License

Toronto Ontario Security Guard License

Live in Toronto and need your Toronto Ontario Security Guard License? GREAT!  You have come to the right place. Train Online!  Follow these 3 easy steps to complete your Ontario Security Training and join the thousands of successful graduates who are already working as security guards in Toronto.


Complete the 40hr Ontario Security Guard Training Course.  This has two parts: 33.5 hours of online course study (sign up here) and a 1-day classroom based First Aid & CPR Training in Toronto (sign up here).


Register for your official Ministry Exam here.


Download the application for your Security Guard License here.

Easy, right?

Here are a couple more tips to help you through the security guard training process:

Our online security guard training course is “go at your own pace”, meaning that there is no cut-off date for completion. You let us know when you are ready even if you need to access the course modules after you have spent the required 33.5 hours.
We work with a national First Aid provider so we can book your 1 day class almost anywhere in Ontario. You can find their schedule here.
We provide a comprehensive Practice Test of multiple choice questions once you sign up to ensure you are totally prepared for the Ministry Exam.
Your Ministry Exam is written in person at your local Serco Drive Test Centre / Service Ontario. It is a 60 question, multiple choice test.
Once your Security Guard application has been completed and uploaded to Service Ontario and approved, you will first be emailed a “digital license” within 10 days that you can print and work with legally. The actual license follows in the mail.
We hope that our 3 easy steps to your Ontario Security Guard License has simplified the process for you and will help you understand what is necessary.  Best of luck in your Security Guard career in Toronto!