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Ontario Security Training: Career Guide & Exam Info

Are you interested in starting a career as a Security professional in Ontario? Our expert team at Security Guard Course have compiled a complete how-to guide to become a licensed Ontario security guard.

Our Ontario Security Training course is a complete guide for those entering a career as a security guard, whether it be personal security, event security or commercial security. Our Ontario security guard course is designed for you to learn everything you would encounter on the job.

Every Security professional must have an Ontario Security Guard Licence to legally work in the province. Let us help you succeed with passing the security exam.

Security guard careers include:

  • Airport Security
  • Mall Security
  • Close Protection
  • Night Club or Bar “bouncer”
  • Loss Prevention Security
  • Residential Concierge
  • Special Event Security
  • Mobile Patrol


Before you consider becoming a Security Guard, you must meet three requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must be eligible to work in Canada
  • No criminal record

If you meet all of these requirements, you are ready to begin on your path to becoming a Security Guard in Ontario.

The First Step To becoming a Licensed Security Guard in Ontario:

The first step towards a career in security is choosing an Ontario Security Guard Training course from an approved and certified training provider, like Security Guard Course. We are a Dual Licensed Agency and Approved Training Provider. Our online courses can be completed at your own pace, and after you have completed the online hours you will receive your TCN (Training Completion Number) that you can use to book your Ministry Exam. We also provide you a comprehensive Practice Test so you are even more prepared!


Security guard and private investigator tests take place at approximately 30 Service Ontario locations across the province and are administered by Serco. Tests take 90 minutes and are offered in a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice format. Security guard and private investigator licence applicants will now receive helpful reminders prior to their exam(s). Reminder emails will be sent two days before each scheduled exam appointment.

On behalf of the MCSCS, Serco Canada Inc. administers security guard and/or private investigator tests at DriveTest Centres across the province. ServiceOntario then processes security guard and/or private security applications and issues security guard and private investigator licenses to eligible applicants. The exams are in-class and usually takes around 1.5 hours. The passing mark for the security guard test is 62% (37/60) and, for the private investigator test, is 77% (46/60). If you pass, you can apply for your security guard or private investigator licence. If you fail, you can take the test again as many times as necessary, but you must pay the full test fee for each attempt. As of January 25, 2015, the cost to take each basic test is $66.50 plus HST, for a total of $75.15.

The basic test is available in English and French. Test results are available within two days of taking the test. If you pass the basic test, you can apply for a security guard or private investigator licence. If you fail the basic test, you can take it again as many times as necessary. You must pay the full fee each time.

After paying $80 to the Ministry, you will receive your Security Guard licence and be eligible to start applying for jobs. Some of the many security jobs available to you are detailed below. Take a look and learn more about what section of Security you are most interested in.

Personal Security

High-profile people will hire security for their own protection or for loss prevention on their property. Personal security jobs tend to earn a higher salary. In jobs like these, you need to be on alert at all times, including being prepared for the use of force at all times with high profile clients.

To get to the level where you can be trusted to guard a high-profile person, you will need a strong foundation; this begins with your Ontario security guard training. Our courses are specially designed by security experts who can show you what it takes to keep all types of people safe.

We have designed our Ontario security guard training courses to produce responsible, dedicated and passionate security professionals who will go above and beyond their duty to protect their clients. Call our team today to learn more.

Event Security

Just about every public and private event requires security to make sure everyone who is there is supposed to be there, along with making sure everyone inside is following the rules and keeping an orderly conduct.

At sports events, like professional wrestling, for example, security is there for both the protection of fans and the wrestlers. Occasionally fans will try to jump over the barricade and try to get attention or even attack the athletes. Security is a crucial part of the events team, ensuring safety and responsibility among all attendees and athletes.

These major events, including other sporting events, concerts and more, have hundreds of security personnel at every level of the venue to keep order and make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone stays safe. If you are interested in event security, begin with our security guard online course and start your career with the best possible training.

Commercial & Corporate Security

Commercial security services can cover a wide range of jobs from shopping malls to banks and more. You may find yourself protecting a specific location during the day or providing security for employees working the night shift. Wherever you are hired, your work is important to that business.

Banks or any organizations that have large volumes of cash or other assets will often hire security to keep them safe and prevent theft. In order to be successful, attention to detail and vigilance are required, and those are just a couple skills you will learn in our Ontario Security Guard Training course. We’ll teach you to work with video, photographs and more, along with providing practical experience.

Consulting and Surveillance

Individuals and companies will hire security guards or firms to consult on improving security measures and assessing their current security detail, systems and procedures.

Consulting with security experts can reduce risk for organizations and help save time and money. A professional team will also find the weaknesses that trespassers may exploit in buildings or properties.

Surveillance is an additional layer of security for a home or business that is passive. You can have a security team monitoring your home or business and respond appropriately if anything looks suspicious or react to hazards before people are injured.

In our Ontario Security Guard Training course, you will learn what’s involved in protecting people and property. With so many different types of security work, explore your options and find the employer that best suits your interests.