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My Ontario Security Guard License

How Do I Obtain My Ontario Security Guard License Or Private Investigator License With SGC (Security Guard Course Inc.) ?

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Who can apply for an Ontario Security Guard License or Ontario Private Investigator License?

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older.
  • be eligible to work in Canada.
  • not be convicted of one of the 83 designated offences that prohibits you from gaining a license (please click here for more details)
Security Guard License / Private Investigator License
Training and testing requirements:
  • Before you apply for a Security Guard License or Private Investigator License, you must complete the 40 hour Ontario Security Training course to receive a TCN – Training Completion Number.
  • You must then book your Security Guard or Private Investigator Exam at a Serco Drive Test Centre with your training number (click here for locations). The exam fee is $66.50 plus HST per exam.  You can re-write the exam as many times as you require.
  • After successfully completing your exam, you must apply for your Security License (click here for applications) at a cost of $80 tax included payable to the Minister of Finance. You are only required to complete the Security guard or Private Investigator Course once in your lifetime.
How to apply for your Ontario Security Guard License and/or Ontario Private Investigator License:
  • You can apply for your license by mail or online through ServiceOntario.
  • You will be able to check the status of your application online within two business days.
  • Applicants will be able to access a printable digital license as soon as their application is approved (it will be emailed to you). The printed digital license can be used as proof of licensing until you receive your plastic license card by mail.

Note: Service Ontario does not accept applications for security guard or private investigator licenses at its service counters (in person).

Processing time
  • A correctly completed online application can take up to 10 business days to be processed. When your application is approved, your new licence card will arrive by mail within 8 weeks.To apply online, you’ll need:
License expiry
  • Your new Security Guard or Private Investigator License will expire two birthdays after the day it is issued (two years) and will only cost $80.
  • In Ontario, Security Guards and Private Investigators must carry their valid license at all times while on duty.  Security Guards must identify themselves and show the front of their license to anyone who asks to see it.  This includes employers, Police Officers and any member of the public.