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At Security Guard Course, we offer the training and education you need to be ready for your career in the Ontario private security sector.

Our team of experts have created online courses that have helped more than 4000+ students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective in their jobs.

Since our courses are completely online and can be completed at your own pace, many students choose to log their hours on their smartphones while travelling or sitting at home on their iPads or laptops. Access to the lessons are 24/7 so feel free to take your time!

If you are looking to become the best option for landing a great security guard job in Ontario, then we have you covered. Created by security experts, our course is in-depth and can be completed online. We cover all types of security and provide practical lessons on exactly how you should respond while in the field.

Our online Private Investigation course is created to help you become an expert and pass the exam to become licenced. You will learn investigation techniques, and the limits of what you can do legally as an investigator.

If you want to keep your options open, then we also offer dual packages that will prepare you for a dual licence as both a security guard and private investigator. Along with preparing you to take both the Ontario Security Guard Licence exam and the Ontario Private Investigator Licence exam, you will learn how training in both fields compliments the other.

Our complete Use of Force in-class course will teach you 12+ different techniques you can use while on the job, including knife defence, handcuffing and proper baton use. Situations will arise when force is necessary, so knowing different techniques to defend yourself and others is crucial. Not sure whether to use force? Our training will teach you when is the correct time to use force legally and safely, within the limits of the law. Learn from the experienced professionals today.

In order to receive your Ontario Security Guard License, you must have completed at minimum, Emergency Level First Aid & CPR. This course is completed in-class, not online.

Our one-day Emergency First Aid and CPR training course accounts for 6.5 hours of the 40 hours required for Ontario Security Guard Training Course. The other 33.5hrs are completed online (Security Guard Course). Our First Aid course include CPR level C, and 3 year certification cards are issued on the same day. This course is recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and meets all the of Ontario Health and Safety (OHS) regulations for Basic First Aid. All students who complete the First Aid training and CPR course will receive the Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR Manual Certification card which is valid for three years.

Our Emergency First Aid & CPR Training course will prepare you for dealing with many health emergencies. This includes cardiac arrest, choking, disease transmission prevention, and more.