Attention All Students,

Please follow the steps below so that we may register you for your ONLINE ABST EXAM.  That’s right, you can write your exam from home ONLINE.

Step 1:

  • Complete the required 40 hours of online study.
  • The timer must reflect a minimum of 40 hours logged time. You can log more than 40 hours if you wish.

Step 2:

  • Notify us by email (​​) that you have completed the 40 hours and include this information:
    • LAST NAME:
    • GENDER:
    • CITY:

Step 3:

  • We will email you your Certificate of Completion and instructions to book your ONLINE EXAM.
    • If you cannot book your online exam,  skip to ​STEP 4.

Step 4:

  • If you are unable to book your online exam, we will send you a list of local certified exam proctors.
  • If there are no local certified exam proctors you will arrange your exam with an approved exam host (see list below) and email their contact information to us. Your exam will be sent to the host where you will write it. We will then direct your host where to send the exam for marking (only certified proctors can actually mark the exam).
  • Approved Exam Hosts:
    • Public libraries
    • Educational Institutions
    • Active/Retired Teachers
    • Licensed Professionals including Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants (CA, CGA, CMA), and Engineers
    • Active/Retired Police Officers
    • MLA/MP Offices

Step 5:

  • Attend your exam. We will email you your result within 7 days.

Exam Booking Cancellation Policy

  1. In order to cancel a scheduled exam, the student must contact us by email (​​) and provide notice. Telephone, voicemail or text messaging notice do not qualify.
  2. If the emailed cancellation notice by student is received less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam, a $25.00 administrative charge will be billed to the student. This fee must be paid by the student prior to us rebooking an exam.
  3. To re-book an exam, the student must repeat ​Steps 3-5 outlined above in the ABST exam booking procedure.

After Passing Your ABST Exam Successfully

Your certificate will be mailed to you within 5-10 business days from Alberta Security Programs (Solicitor General).

You are now ready to apply for a security license in Alberta – please find the individual License Application form and Guide here (read carefully and submit to Security Programs).

1. Complete all sections of the “Individual License Application” form download TYPE in
PDF OR PRINT AND USE CAPITALS ONLY from Government Alberta Website
( or check our Download
Forms Page.
2. Sign both part 5 and 6 of the form.
3. Have a member of the police service, peace officer or commissioner of oaths
employed by the police service sign the back of your passport quality photo.
4. Apply and obtain an employment police information check (PIC), must include CPIC,
Vulnerable sector and local database.
5. Must include photocopies of both sides of two government issued identifications (like
Alberta ID, Passport, Work Permit, PR Card etc).
6. Provide photocopies of proof of training certificate.
7. Pay your Licence fee by Bank Draft in title to “Government of Alberta” or pay online
payment (
8. Submit your application with appropriate fees ($100 for 2 year security license, $160
for 2 year investigator license) and all additional documents to:

Security Programs
PO Box 1023 Station Main
Edmonton AB T5J 2M1
Phone: 1-877-462-0791
Fax: 780-427-4670

Thank you again for choosing Security Guard Course for your training. We wish you all the